LARCA repairing Crosbyton home roofs damaged by hail storm last year

KCBD Evening Newscast Roofs donated to crosbyton residents

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) -Crews are helping out in the Crosbyton community today by fixing 11 residential roofs free of charge, after they were damaged by a strong hail storm last May.

The residents were chosen based on their physical or financial challenges.

The crews were sent out by the Lubbock Area Roofing and Contractors Association- also known as LARCA.

Brandon Hamersley is one of the recipients of the roofs.

“You know, money-wise, what was I going to do? You start putting up tarps until you save enough money to get your roof put on?" said Brandon.

“It’s the perfect day, when it’s getting done for you.”

Mike Hiebert, President of LARCA, says they partnered up with United Methodist Church and their disaster relief coordinator in West Texas, Charlie Brown, to change the lives of residents.

“When you get a whole group of us together and our hearts align and the fact that we are blessed beyond measure and we are in positions where we can help people… when these types of opportunities come up, it makes it really easy and really fun," he explained.

All crews are on deck today to repair the damage.

"Some roofs are difficult. We’re seeing a lot of decking issues out here and a lot of holes in the roofs after we get the shingles off. So, we’re fixing them the right way,” said Brandi Hickson with Kincaid Roofing, just one of the roofing companies helping out today.

And where do all of the supplies and funds come from?

“From our manufacturers to our suppliers...down to our contractors. Whether they gave monetarily, gave through the organization, or literally provided our full crews… to do what we do and that’s put great roofs over people’s heads. Materials? They were donated and some had to be paid for and so just as an organization, LARCA, we took care of all of those needs.”

For Brandon, it’s a new beginning and an opportunity to appreciate others.

“Everybody just shows you that there’s still hope out there for people who are kind as a human-man kind… doing things for people and that’s what they’re doing,” said Brandon.

LARCA says that 90% of their work from today will be done by tonight.

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