Head Coach Chris Beard’s salary after successful season

Head Coach Chris Beard’s salary after successful season

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - During the NCAA Tournament history was made twice, and much of that successful season can be credited to the help of a great coach.

For those wins, Head Coach Chris Beard has been substantially rewarded.

Every year of his contract, Coach Beard receives a base salary of $300,000. Then, when you add rights fees outside of his athletics related income, this year he’ll receive $2.5 million. So, without any wins, he would make $2.8 million.

However, he did win, and he won big, which means big bonuses.

For his achievements in the Big 12, and for winning the Big 12 Conference Title, Coach Beard received $250,000.

Even though Red Raiders didn’t take home the national championship title, just for making it to the Final Four, Beard earned $300,000.

However, if they would have won, he would have cashed in on another $200,000.

Winning 'Big 12 Coach of the Year’ and the 'Associated Press National Coach of the Year’ also helped reward the head coach with a little more dough. For winning Conference Coach of the year he received $25,000 and for National Coach of the year, another $50,000.

Then, because the Red Raider men got the number 2 spot in the ESPN-USA Today Poll, he received another $25,000.

So, from bonuses alone, Head Coach Chris Beard earned an impressive $650,000. Which brings his salary this year to $3,450,000.

He could potentially receive even more though, based on the academic performance and overall GPA of the team.

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