Texas Tech applications up after basketball season

TTU applications up after historic basketball season

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The Red Raider basketball season may be over, but Texas Tech is still seeing an impact from it.

Executive Director of Undergraduate Admissions at Texas Tech University Jamie Hansard says applications to the university have skyrocketed thanks to the Red Raiders amazing basketball season.

She says Tech’s undergraduate admissions page had an 80% increase in visitors on Monday night alone - more visitors than that page has seen all year.

“Any time Texas Tech has an opportunity to perform on a national stage, it’s going to positively affect recruitment and college admissions,” Hansard said.

Hansard says the admissions office did expect an increase when the Red Raiders started their fantastic season, but not to the this level.

“After we won the Final Four, that day alone we had over 300 phone calls that morning. We usually receive about 50 phone calls a day so that’s very exciting that so many people are interested in Texas Tech.”

And it’s not just Texas students applying. Hansard says out of state applicants are through the roof, too.

“Out of state has increased. For example, the traffic to website, 46% of those new visitors that are visiting are out of state so it’s quadrupled over the last two weeks. We absolutely think a significant piece of that is from our basketball journey,” Hansard said.

The admissions office will work to grow the university with this pool of new applicants, all thanks to Red Raider basketball.

“Our goal is to bring in students from all over the state and all over the United States, and maybe students that wouldn’t normally come to Texas Tech - now we are on the radar,” Hansard said.

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