Tim Siegel releases book to share story of hope following son’s traumatic brain injury

Tim Siegel releases book to share story of hope following son’s traumatic brain injury

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - “One of the surgeons came up to me and I said to him, how did the surgery go, and he said, it’s not up to me, it’s in God’s hands.”

In that moment, Tim Siegel thought, if he ever wrote a book that would be the title. It’s in God’s hands.

“This book is a story about Luke, it’s a story about me, it’s a story about how we’ve persevered through this," Siegel said.

More importantly, he said it is a story for other families going through similar struggles.

Siegel was encouraged by a publishing company to write the book back in March. After hesitation about the time commitment, he started in July and wrote everyday until it was finished by Christmas.

“I’m not sure that it was therapeutic by any means, it was at times very challenging,” Siegel said.

In the book, Siegel talks about everything from Texas Tech Athletics, to the Luke’s medicines and therapies. He said he hopes it will resonate with people of all ages, going through all kinds of situations.

“Maybe if this is the kind of book that gives people hope, because that’s really what it’s about for me. It’s that I’m still hope, hopeful that we’re going to continue to get better,” Siegel said.

Siegel said he is no fantastic writer, but this book was written from his heart.

“I hope that people find it maybe inspiring, motivational, but also learn a little more about me, but more specifically about this little fighter of mine,” Siegel said.

The book will be available this Thursday, Luke’s 13th birthday, on Amazon and the Team Luke Hope for Minds website. Soon after, it will be sold at United across Lubbock.

100 percent of the proceeds will go to the non-profit Team Luke Hope for Minds.

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