Xcel Energy paying $50 for old refrigerators, freezers

Xcel Energy paying $50 for old refrigerators, freezers
Xcel Energy Texas

AMARILLO, TX (KCBD) - Xcel Energy will pay customers $50 for old refrigerators and freezers as part of a recycling program that encourages users to switch to newer, energy-saving units.

This service, provided by a company called ARCA, will offer both the $50 and free pickup for any refrigerator or freezer in working condition, according to an Xcel news release. The company will then recycle the units in an environmentally friendly manner.

Customers are asked to call ARCA at 1-888-564-7003 to arrange pickup times.

The long-term advantage of this program for Xcel is to free up power supplies through existing plants, which is a less expensive option than building new facilities if needed. This also decreases household power usage, which helps Xcel better manage power supplies on peak energy use days.

“If you own an older, less efficient freezer or refrigerator, now is a good time to think about replacing it because new units use about half as much electricity as older ones,” Bryan Whitson, who manages efficiency programs for Xcel Energy in Texas, said in the release. “When you combine these savings with the benefits of other efficiency improvements such as LED lighting, you can see real savings on monthly electric bills.”

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