Easter 2019: It’s an $18 billion holiday

That’s $151 a person

Will Easter break your bank this year?

(Gray News) – Americans love a good holiday. Easter is no exception.

The National Retail Federation (NRF) says 79 percent of U.S. adults plan on celebrating Easter this year.

To do that, they’ll be opening their pocketbooks.

Americans are expected to drop more than $18 billion for the holiday. They’ll spend it on everything from candy and clothing to gifts, flowers and food, according to Prosper Insights and Analytics, which conducted the survey for NRF.

That’s averages out to $151.25 per person.

Here’s what most of the money is being spent on:

  • Food – $5.74 billion
  • Clothing – $3.27 billion
  • Gifts – $2.87 billion
  • Candy – $2.49 billion
  • Flowers – $1.29 billion
  • Decorations – $1 billion
  • Greeting cards – $780 million

Here’s how the rest of the holiday shakes out, according to the study.

About half of us plan to attend church on Easter.

About a third of us will hold Easter egg hunts.

And just over half of Americans (54 percent) plan to cook a meal for the holiday, while 16 percent are opting for restaurants.

Apparently, the other 30 percent plan to eat with those who are making Easter dinner or will just do without.

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