New state mandate will teach cursive beginning in 2nd grade

New program will take students for a loop

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Students at Lubbock Cooper ISD elementary schools are looping their letters a little earlier than usual. “It does make it prettier and it sometimes is faster,” said Kambree, a third-grade student at Lubbock-Cooper South Elementary.

The district has already started implementing a new state mandate to bring cursive back to second grade curriculum. "Currently, students learn how to write in third grade. And so now we’ll be moving that focus down to second-grade,” said Shay Troutman, the Director of Literacy for K-12 at Lubbock Cooper ISD.

The State Board of Education is amending their Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills standards with these new requirements.

“In second grade, students will learn how to form the letters and then connect those letters, and then when then when they get to third grade, they’ll use that cursive handwriting for words and thoughts and even to answer questions," said Troutman. "By fourth-grade, they’ll write legibly to communicate via sentences, paragraphs, and ideas.”

She adds students at Lubbock Cooper already continue the practice of cursive through the end of elementary school as a way to sharpen their skills. “We’re doing well, but we always want students to grow and achieve higher and higher.”

Troutman said the benefits of cursive are all around. “We still have signatures in cursive and a lot of research shows that some of thoughts and ideas you’re writing are actually more cemented into your brain and you remember things better."

The new mandate will officially take effect across all Texas public schools this fall.

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