Wedding gifts stolen from front porch of Lubbock newlyweds

Wedding gifts stolen off front porch of Lubbock newlyweds

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A newlywed couple faced an unfortunate reality when they returned home Tuesday. Wedding gifts delivered to their front door had been stolen in broad daylight.

“I was expecting our wedding gifts coming in from our registry and we got a notification on our Ring device that there was motion from our front porch," said Katelyn Ortega Bennett, the bride.

A man in a grey polo was caught on camera, pulling up in the driveway and then taking off with the items in just minutes. “There was an Instant Pot- that was the biggest item- there was also a drain stopper, some towels, and a crème brûlée set.”

A total of $250 worth of items was stolen. “I feel extremely violated. I cannot believe that this happened. The police are doing everything they can, they’ve assigned a detective to our case.”

The Lubbock Police Department says events like this show that neighbors need to look out for each other and get security cameras if they can. That footage can be used to help find suspects and press charges.

Katelyn is grateful for the outpouring support on social media. “Everyone who shared the video on Facebook… I really appreciate the circulation of the video and the information and the more eyes we have.”

She says she’s never ordering things to her door again. “If you know something, just please say something. We would really like our gifts back.”

LPD says the public should consider using companies like Amazon to deliver packages to secured centers for pick up instead of having them shipped to your door.

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