Project Linus working to prove happiness is a warm blanket

Project Linus needs continue in springtime

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Think back to your childhood. You probably had a favorite blanket. Maybe you still do.

Now think to a time when you were scared or sick, and how that blanket helped comfort you.

Organizers of Lubbock’s Project Linus have never forgot that feeling, and are working to spread it to children in need.

The group, part of the national Project Linus project, has provided thousands of blankets to patients at UMC and Covenant children’s hospitals, but they also provide blankets for any child in need when they are requested.

“The tactile, the warmth, that feeling is very much like a hug” said local Project Linus coordinator Lisa Allen. “The warmth that it provides during the cold time, whether it’s cold emotionally or cold because of the weather - a lot of our children that have received Project Linus blankets have received them specifically to keep them warm in the cold.”

“And then there’s that aspect of love," Allen added. "Particularly with a handmade blanket, that love from whoever made it is a part of the blanket that never leaves it.”

To learn more about Project Linus, including how you can get involved, log on to or email them at

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