Texas Tech group teams up with Family Promise in Lubbock to bring Easter to 20 families

TTU students help families celebrate Easter

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - On Saturday, about 20 families were able to celebrate Easter a day early, thanks to Family Promise of Lubbock and a group of Texas Tech students.

The group, the Association of Students About Service (ASAS), has been helping families at the non-profit organization for three years now, doing all kinds of work.

Marcus Flores is the President Elect for ASAS. He said the group has provided a play set for the kids to play on and meals for the families.

The ASAS group partnered with Family Promise for the special Easter event.

Doug Morris is the executive director for Family Promise. “We try to make the childhood for our kids as normal as possible, and a part of that of any childhood is Easter egg hunts. And so today we’re having Easter egg hunts for our families that are in the program and follow up for graduated families.”

ASAS raised all of the money for the BBQ lunch and other supplies for the event. There were games, face painting, an Easter egg coloring station, the Easter bunny and more for the families to participate in.

Some of the students in the ASAS group are helping others because they know a thing or two about being in a tough situation.

Max Bugner is the Homeless Chairperson for the ASAS group. “I’ve had some hard times in the past with addiction.”

Flores said, “I spent some time in active addiction. I got the opportunity to get clean and when I did that, I was told a lot about Texas Tech and the Center for Study for Addiction and the collegiate recovery community.”

Both Flores and Bugner say their recovery group has helped them.

Bugner said, “Thankful to the center specifically and being a part of ASAS has been a big part of my journey and recovery.”

The student said they’re thankful to be helping out others.

“It does something for us internally and for our own program and own well being entirely. We love doing this kind of stuff and this is exactly why we’re involved.” They said It’s all worth it. “It makes it even better that these kids enjoy it so much, they have so much fun. Just seeing the joy on their face that maybe they didn’t get to have otherwise,” Flores said.

Family Promise has helped 512 families get back on their feet in their 20 years of service in the Lubbock community.

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