Lubbock furniture store donates blessing box to feed hungry people in Smyer

Business donates Blessing Box for Smyer

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - It’s out with the old and in with the new. A simple box in Smyer has already made a big impact in the community.

The Blessing Box sits on this corner of the First Baptist Church in Smyer, but there was a problem, according to Ashley Saed, who brought the boxes to the community.

“The box we had previously, I noticed that after a rainstorm a lot of our food would be wet and I was having to throw a lot of food away. So, I just started asking around and talking to people that I knew that might be able to help.”

Saed asked for help though the community and eventually word reached De Colores Furniture, a Lubbock business owned by Betty Brady and Kayla Killian.

Brady said, “One of the guys from the community had reached out to our carpenter. They were needing a blessing box.”

It took two days to design and build the box. Then they brought it out to Smyer to set it up. They even brought food to stock the shelves.

Brady said, “It’s just amazing. Just kids being able to come get something to eat when they can’t afford it, it just touches us a lot. We’ve been there. It’s our mission to give back.”

“The blessing box is open to all in the community,” Saed said. “If you have something extra, place it in the box. If you need something, take it out. It’s all done anonymously. You don’t have to knock on the door, you don’t have to tell anybody.”

Brady and Killian hope to inspire to those in need.

Killian said, “De Colores means, of the colors. Sometimes in life there is dark times and sometimes color. We hope this brings a lot of light and to whoever is in need.”

Saed said she’s thankful for all the help and support.

“Super grateful to have such a great network of great friends, to my new friends at De Colores for building this for us. It’s awesome to know there are people in the world who want to make a difference in their community.”

De Colores Furniture says that if you want to donate items for the blessing box but are unable to make it out to Smyer, they will take donations at their store.

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