Jerrad Hofstetter takes the reins for Texas Tech Rodeo

Jerrad Hofstetter takes the reins for Texas Tech Rodeo
Jerrad Hofstetter takes the reigns for Texas Tech Rodeo

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Since the fall of 2018, the Texas Tech Rodeo Association has been under the leadership of Jerrad Hofstetter.

“We have lived here for 12-years now, I am from East Texas and my wife was actually rodeoing for Tech when we got married back in 2007,” coach Jerrad Hofstetter said. “So, I moved out here and I have lived out here ever since, and when this came open, it was a great opportunity for me to be a part of it and what a neat place it is.”

Coach Hofstetter and the team have had a good year, but have been battling adversity that has tried to tie them down since the fall semester.

“You know, we have done really good and we have had to a lot to over come,” Hofstetter said. “We have a lot of things to work on and a lot of our girls their horses were either out or were not here in the fall. So, we have been trying to play catch up this spring, and you know, sometimes things haven’t played our way. But man, the kids have really overcome a lot and they are really making a fight back, and I am really excited to head to Tarleton this week for our final rodeo.”

Once the team is done with the rodeo at Tarleton, there is a possibility that a few members of the team will go to the biggest stage in College Rodeo.

According to coach, there a few athletes that have put themselves in a "good situation" to go to the College National Finals Rodeo in June.

"You know, I wasn't apart of who came here. The people that were here before did a great job picking kids," Hofstetter said. "The truth is the kids that are here really had a rough deal. Because they did not sign up for me, they signed up for the previous coach and for all of them to stay hooked and do what they have done has been outstanding. I couldn't thank them more. I will never ever forget this year that I have gotten to spend with this group of kids."

Hofstetter took over a program that is rich in tradition but has gone through a coaching change in the last three years.

With so much turnover at the position, the question is - how long does coach plan on being here at Texas Tech?

“I plan on being here, they are going to have to push me out of here if they want me gone. I love being here, I love being around the kids and around Texas Tech,” Jerrad Hofstetter said.

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