Lubbock tops nationwide list for worst diets

Lubbock tops nationwide list for worst diets
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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Congratulations Lubbock, we’re number one. But hold off on cheering just yet. It turns out, we’ve topped a national list for something negative.

According to the website 24/7 Wall St., the Gallup organization recently surveyed people in 189 communities across the country on their eating habits. From those results, Lubbock topped the list for cities with the worst diets.

Those surveyed were asked “Did you eat healthy all day yesterday?” and according to the data, roughly 54 percent of Lubbockites said they did, meaning the remaining 46 percent were honest enough to say they ate poorly.

Our closest competition was Memphis, who came in at 56 percent healthy.

There were other factors that went against Lubbock, such as our per capita fast food rating (85 fast food places per 100,000 residents), median household income that comes in $13,000 under the national average, an adult obesity rate of 32 percent and 18 percent of residents reporting to be in poor health.

While it’s not great news, it’s not all bad if one considers Lubbock’s low cost of living, the fact many of those restaurants serve people who travel in to Lubbock from rural communities and the number of college students who live within the Loop. Add in the fact that those 18 percent of residents are being treated at Lubbock’s two regional medical centers and it’s not all doom and gloom.

But Lubbock can always get healthier, and with groups like the Mayor’s Fitness Council sponsoring events such as Sunday’s Mayor’s Marathon, maybe we will pass the torch to Memphis next year. We’re not known for deep fried peanut butter banana sandwiches, at least.

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