More storms, possibly severe

"Surprise" storms - could they happen again tonight or early tomorrow?

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - UPDATE 1:00 pm Friday - We are designating Tuesday a First Alert Weather Day (FAWD) due to the potential for severe weather in our area. Weather which may affect your plans and activities. Storms continue to look likely early next week, with conditions supportive of strong to possibly severe storms. The most likely window for storms and rain is Monday night through Tuesday night. As noted in previous posts, please watch for updates to the outlook. My weekend outlook follows.

I didn’t think they would, but they did. “They” being the storms I mentioned yesterday that were expected to form during the afternoon and evening over the mountains of southern Colorado and northern New Mexico, then drift east or southeast, which would take them toward the northern viewing area overnight or early this morning. I didn’t think they would have enough support to make it to Lubbock (or points south). Could it happen again tonight/tomorrow morning?

As the thundershowers approached the far northwestern viewing area after midnight this morning, they were weakening and looked like they would dissipate. Perhaps bringing light showers into the far northwestern viewing area before doing so. As that was happening a small wave, which had gone undetected up until then, arrived and provided the instability to re-generate and strengthen the showers. A few cells produced brief heavy rainfall and even some small hail (up to about the size of a pea).

As of noon only a few sprinkles remained on Doppler. Just a reminder, you can control the Doppler with the Interactive Radar in our free Weather app and here on our Weather Page. Both allow you to zoom to street level or out to space, pan and tilt in any direction. Other than the sprinkles mentioned, the rest of this afternoon will be partly cloudy, quite gusty, and warm with temperatures peaking near average for late April.

As an aside, I captured some great shots of this morning’s weather on our KCBD TowerCam. I share those with you in a time lapse video available now (until about 4 this afternoon) in our free KCBD weather app and on my Steve Divine KCBD Facebook page. We’re about to roll out improvements to the app in the update which will be available in the next week or two. Find it in your app store by searching for “KCBD First Alert Weather.”

A pattern similar to last night may unfold today, with thunderstorms and showers expected to form over/near the mountains to the west, then drift east to southeast. This may bring storms into the northwestern viewing area early this evening and then to the east or southeast across much of the viewing area from late evening through early morning.

Our Saturday forecast includes that slight chance of early morning showers, then a partly cloudy, gusty and very warm afternoon. If you will be spending time outside, take along and use sunscreen, a hat, and plenty of water. The forecast also includes a slight chance of isolated storms in the late afternoon and evening, though mainly over the eastern viewing area.

Sunday's forecast includes an even lower chance of a stray storm or two late in the day, but mainly east of the Caprock.

Rainfall Reports

The early morning showers left 0.17" of rain in the gauge at the Lubbock airport. That brings Lubbock's rain total for April to date to 1.72" (0.60" above the average of 1.12") and the total for the year so far to 2.89" (0.73" below the average of 3.62").

This morning's rain totals for the KCBD viewing area as of 1:00 PM Friday, courtesy of the TTU West Texas Mesonet:

0.22 Abernathy 5ENE

0.14 Earth 9WSW

0.12 Hart 3N

0.10 Amherst 1NE

0.10 Slaton 2NE

0.08 Lake Alan Henry 1NW

0.08 White River Lake 6NW

0.05 Floydada 2NNE

0.04 Aiken 3WSW

0.04 Ralls 1SE

0.04 Spur 1W

0.03 Friona 2NE

0.03 Olton 6S

0.03 Plainview 1S

0.02 Dimmitt 2NE

0.02 Paducah 10SW

0.01 Childress 2NNE

0.01 Guthrie 10WSW

0.01 Jayton 1SSE

0.01 Lubbock 3WNW TTU

0.01 Muleshoe 2SSW

0.01 Northfield 1S

0.01 South Plains 3ENE

0.02 Roaring Springs 3N

0.01 Snyder 3SSW

0.01 Vigo Park

The characters following each community above refer to the rain gauge location in miles and the direction from the community’s center - typically the Courthouse or City Hall, sometimes the downtown or business district. “Lubbock 3WNW TTU” is the rain gauge near the northwest corner of the Tech Campus. Rainfall elsewhere in Lubbock - for example, the airport - may have been less or greater.

Lubbock’s low yesterday was 48°, one degree below the average for the date. The high was 81°, three degrees above the average for the date. The April 25 record low is 35° (1918, 1297, and 1947) and the record high 104° (2012). For today, April 26, Lubbock’s average low is 49° and the high 78°. The record low is 29° (1947) and the record high 96° (1943).

Today’s sunset in Lubbock will be at 8:26 PM CDT and tomorrow’s sunrise at 7:03 AM CDT.

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