ATV added to Buffalo Spring Lake Police Fleet to increase safety

New addition to police fleet at Buffalo Springs Lake

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Buffalo Springs Lake officials say their top priority at the lake is safety. The newest addition to the Buffalo Springs Police fleet is a brand new ATV given to them by Family Power Sports with safety in mind.

“We’ve had a couple incidents here in the campground last weekend and we thought we were ahead of the curve, but obviously we weren't. We want to make sure we are prepared for the rest of the summer,” said Brandon Powell with BSL.

The vehicle will be used to get into the areas that the police force’s normal vehicles aren’t able to get to. “We will utilize this when you have people on the trails in an unsafe manner and we are able to get to them where are Tahoe’s and pickups are not able to go,” said Chief Stewart Naron of BSL. All for the simple goal of keeping its guests safe.

“That’s what we are striving to bring to the lake every day. When we come out here its to make sure everyone who comes out here goes home in the same way,” said Chief Naron.

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