Three Lubbock gymnasts gearing up to compete on the national stage

Three Lubbock gymnasts gearing up to compete on the national stage
Tega gymnastics - Jarred Fry, Chloe Dannevik, Zoe Lynch

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Traditionally, when you think of sports on the South Plains, you would normally think of Football, Basketball or Baseball.

But, there are three gymnasts out at Tega Kids Superplex that are trying to change that, as they are gearing up to for their biggest meet ever.

"They are the only athletes in Lubbock that are going," Tega coach Fernando Urbina said. "It is pretty impressive, the drive that they have and the motivation that they have... You know, every year they seem to surpass expectations that we have for them - and so we say why not? Let's keep going and represent West Texas."

The three gymnasts had to go through the State level and the Region level to get to this point.

For 14-year old Jarred Fry, he will be one of nearly 900 of the USA's top Level 8, 9 and 10 male gymnasts that will compete at the 2019 U.S. Men's Junior Olympic National Championships.

He will leave on Tuesday for Reno, Nevada, and he excited to be able to get out there and compete at the highest of levels.

"it is just amazing, you know, I have never been to Nationals before," Fry said. "The first year that I could qualify for Nationals, I was really close and I didn't make it. So, finally getting there is amazing."

The other two gymnasts are 15-year old Chloe Dannevik and 14-year old Zoe Lynch.

They will be competing in the Junior Olympic Level 9 Western Championships will be held in Spokane, Wash.

Getting to the Western Championships is a huge deal, as they will showcase the top gymnasts from Regions 1-4

“For me, it is quite an accomplishment,” Chloe Dannevik said. “I have been injured quite a few times and at my regional meet, I was going off of two sprained ankles and tendinitis. So, I just making it is quite an accomplishment for me and I am really proud of myself for pushing through.”

Immediately following Zoe Lynch had this to say on the hard work that they have put in being with it.

"There is a lot of pain but because we love it so much, it just blows right past us," Zoe Lynch said. "Once we get there like, I said, it will be so relieving because we will feel so accomplished."

KCBD Sports would like to wish the three gymnasts the best of luck - as they go and compete and represent the South Plains at the highest of levels.

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