LCAD property tax protest deadline May 15

LCAD property tax protest deadline May 15

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - May 15 marks the deadline for Lubbock County residents to file their property value protest for your appraisal. To file a property value protest, you have to find an error in the appraisal and back it up with evidence.

KCBD met with Chief Appraiser Tim Radloff to hear details on the procedure. “There are about nine reasons why you can protest your value. The first one being it was over appraised and its over market value. The second is its unequally appraised, but the most important one to remember is that anything that adversely affects your property, you can protest."

If you think your property appraisal falls into one of those categories, you may have a case.

“If they protest, any type of evidence that they have that will go in support of their contention that their value is less than what we have it appraised needs to be brought."

That evidence can include condition pictures of the property, documentation from a contractor of damage, or evidence that homes in the same neighborhood are selling for less. After you bring the proof, LCAD will consider the claim.

“Once that happens, they will be scheduled for an ARP, or appraisal review board hearing."

For information on contacting LCAD, click here.

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