Wells expects Red Raiders to work hard over summer

Matt Wells ready for Red Raiders

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) -With springs drills done, the Red Raiders football team is now in off-season training. Due to NCAA Rules, Coach Matt Wells has limited time with the squad so it’s up to the players to make pigskin progress.

“The key is how can we improve over the summer in our knowledge and our strength, but on August 1st, that’s got to be practice #16. We have to take another step. We can’t go backwards. They’re on their own a little bit in the month of May. It’s also where your players need to lead. It’s where that leadership committee that we just announced last week that doubles as captains, those guys need to lead their position groups over the summer.

Coach Wells spoke at my monthly men’s lunch today. He was open and passionate about his faith, family and Texas Tech football.

Lunch Church for Men: Texas Tech head football coach Matt Wells.

Posted by Pete Christy on Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Afterwards, he allowed all the men to pray over him as he prepares to head this team into the 2019 season

Matt Wells is the head coach of the Texas Tech football team. His job is super important for his team, the university...

Posted by Pete Christy on Wednesday, May 8, 2019

With the season opener August 31 vs. Montana State, is Coach Wells wishing August will get here quick?

“I’m excited, but to be honest with you, we got a long three months ahead of us. May, June and July to me is the second time of the year you really become tough. You become physically and mentally tough in January, February, June and July. Summer is so important to football teams, their chemistry, their togetherness, but also their development. I am excited to get to August, but I know how much work has to be done before we get to August. It’s really a key component to building the team that we need to build

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