Food for Thought for May 9

Updated: May. 9, 2019 at 7:46 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - From food trucks, to sporting facilities, grocery stores and of course, restaurants - Lubbock health inspectors check out the cleanliness of any location that serves you food or beverages.

It’s not often that a grocery store ends up on the low performer list, but that’s exactly what happened this week. Not only did it land at the bottom of the list, it had so many violations that it was forced to close until they cleaned up.

Asian Food Market at 3501 50th was forced to close its doors for 24 hours after inspectors found 16 violations; it has since been allowed to reopen.

  • All the items inside a reach-in cooler were thrown out because the cooler was not working.
  • Investigators say the cooler had a foul odor and packages of food were bloated.
  • The inside of the cooler was also dirty.
  • Fruit flies were in the facility because of the broken cooler.
  • Green onions were on a bare surface in a cooler.
  • Sauces were stored on the floor.
  • There was no hand sink available for food service.
  • There was no hot water at the sink in the restroom.
  • Employees were using the mop sink and three-compartment sink for hand washing.
  • There was dirty water in a mop bucket.
  • Wiping clothes were drying on the mop sink.
  • The wooden table used for food repackaging is not sealed.
  • Repacked fish and kimchi were not labeled.
  • Multiple areas of the facility were dirty or not in good repair.
  • No food handler cards were available.

There was no certified food manager certificate available. And, the inspector notes due to the number and the nature of violations management did not show proper food safety knowledge.

We do have some good news on the menu this week.

Here’s a look at our top performers:

  • Peace, Love and Ice Cream (mobile unit)
  • Double B Party Barns at 1910 Research Blvd.

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