Lubbock teen reacts to wrecked car visual at ‘Click It or Ticket’ campaign presentation

Teen reacts to seat belt presentation

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The Texas Department of Transportation is making the rounds to area schools for their annual Ticket or Click-it Campaign, stopping at Lubbock-Cooper High School on Friday.

There, they gave a presentation and showed a wrecked pickup truck to warn students what could happen to people who don’t wear seat belts.

TxDOT says two percent of teens that died in car crashes in 2018 were not wearing seat belts.

“It’s amazing that these two people walked away from this crash unharmed,” said senior Payton Bourquin, pointing to the totaled vehicle behind him.

Lieutenant Bryan Witt of the Department of Public Safety conducted the presentation, along with TxDOT officials. Witt explained that teenagers were actually in the smashed vehicle they brought in.

“You’ll see a vehicle out here today where two teens survived and you’re gonna be amazed, but you can survive these crashes, also. These vehicles are designed to keep you inside and in the event of a roll over… but you have to have that seat belt on to stay inside,” he said.

"In Texas in 2018, one in five vehicle crashes involved teen drivers. That’s one in five. Your chance of being involved in a crash is pretty high. Of the 262 teen fatalities, 111 of those didn’t have seat belts on… that’s almost half of them.”

Payton knows how important it is to wear a seat belt, but he said he’s not sure his friends do, so he said today is a reminder. He hopes that students will think twice about what they saw in the parking lot Friday.

“It reiterates to teens how important it is to click your seat belt because it literally takes five seconds and it could be the difference in saving your life…”

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