Lubbock woman diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis wins Emily Mulkey award for her participation in phage study

Lubbock woman wins Emily Mulkey award

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Saturday, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation held their annual walk to raise money and awareness about the disease. We met one young lady whose battle and journey is reaching many others.

There were many people out at the Great Strides Walk at Hodges Park on Saturday including 5-year-old Breelyn, 33-year-old Erin Kenyon, and 23-year-old Paige Rogers, all out raising money and awareness about CF.

Paige Rogers won two awards on Saturday. One for the best t-shirt design, and the second was the Emily Mulkey Award from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation for strides made in her participation in a study that could help future CF patients.

Rogers was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at birth and has been in and out of the hospital all her life.

“In 2016, I became drug resistant. In 2017, I became completely drug resistant," Rogers said.

Paige got a superbug bacterium that she couldn’t get rid of herself or by using medicine. Paige’s condition got worse, so her father did some research and found a trial that might be able to help. "He found the phages and we brought it up to my doctor. She contacted the FDA and we found people to help me,” Rogers said.

Rogers has been using the phages every three months. She inhales the virus as a way to combat the drug-resistant superbug. Dr Benjamin Chan is helping her from thousands of miles away at Yale in Connecticut. Dr. Chan has previously been in the spotlight for his research on phages and where he finds the viruses. He’s appeared on a Netflix documentary and two documentaries with Paige and her phage treatments on Free Think.

Rogers explained one misconception about the treatment: “It’s to help my antibiotic resistancey. That way we can help to treat my CF, but it’s definitely not a cure at all.”

Saturday she won the Emily Mulkey award for participating in the phage treatment trials.

“I want to help others," she said. "That’s why the documentary, so it could spread awareness. And hopefully other people can try it and get the results that I got as well.”


You can view Dr. Chan’s documentary on Netflix, Part 3, episode 4.

Links to Free Think’s documentaries: Paige’s Phages and Paige and the Virus Hunter.

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