Dick Vitale in Lubbock for Charity event

Dickie V raves about Chris Beard & the Red Raiders

Dick Vitale visits Lubbock

ESPN Sportscaster Dick Vitale is in Lubbock tonight Speaking at the United Supermarkets Arena raising money for Team...

Posted by Pete Christy KCBD on Wednesday, May 15, 2019

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - ESPN Sportscaster Dick Vitale was in Lubbock Wednesday night to raise money for Team Luke Hope for Minds with an event at the United Supermarkets Arena. Vitale is honored take part and is super impressed with Luke Siegel, especially after reading his father Tim Siegel’s Book “It’s In God’s Hands”

“It had me in tears. As a parent, a grandparent, you don’t wish this on anyone. What this family has gone through is unreal. It crushes you to read what they had to go through. What a beautiful kid. He’s like the all-American boy and still is.”

Vitale had great praise for Texas Tech and their March Madness run all the way to the National Championship game.

“Texas Tech came so close to winning the National Championship and they became the story of College Basketball. I happened to do the Championship game on ESPN International TV. We were all over the World in like 200 Countries. I did that game and they were right there to win that game. What an amazing job, projected to be 7th in their Conference in the preseason and to come so close.”

Vitale says he was not surprised that the Red Raiders made a tremendous run. He was able to see glimpses of greatness from Texas Tech back in December.

“I did the game when they played Duke in New York at Madison Square Garden. I remember saying in that game, It’s hard to believe, if this team is 7th in their Conference, this Conference is like the NBA. Jarrett Culver, I kept on giving him all types of PR. At that time, he was being looked upon as a second round player in the NBA Draft. I said there’s no way this kid is a second rounder. He’ll be in the first round. Never did I think he’d be such a high pick, top 10 in the Draft, where he has earned the right to get.”

Dickie V says what Chris Beard has built in just three short years at Texas Tech, leading this program to elite status is just incredible.

“He’s been awesome and I think they reflected it by his paycheck. I saw his new contract and his name pops up in every job. Michigan is opened up. You’ll hear his name. I don’t think he’s going anywhere. He loves it. He found a home here. He’s that old school guy who just wants to get in the gym and teach. He gets people to play with pride and passion and I think a lot of that came from his days working with Bob Knight. I think he learned so much from Coach. I was just at Coach Knight’s house and he spoke so highly of Chris. It was also like Beard got a doctorate in Coaching.”

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