Man with gun stops suspects assaulting Wendy’s employees over forgotten item

Man with gun stops suspects assaulting Wendy’s employees over forgotten item

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Officers with the Lubbock Police Department are investigating a situation which happened just after midnight on Tuesday in the drive-thru at Wendy’s near 19th and University.

The police report says a woman was angry because a part of her order was forgotten. She approached the drive-thru window on foot and demanded a free drink. The employee told the woman she could not be given a free drink. The woman became more angry and began to yell at the employee and threatened to beat up the employee.

The employee then closed the window, but the woman opened the window and continued yelling. The employee walked back to the window and shut it again.

Police say the surveillance video shows the employee hit the woman first, and the employee and the suspect began fighting. Two other suspects approached the window and one suspect tried to pull the employee through the window by the employee’s hair and all three began hitting the employee.

Two other employees tried to help the first employee and pull her back into the restaurant. Another employee was hit with a closed fist in the face.

The police report says a man who was in the drive-thru pulled a handgun and told the three suspects to stop assaulting the employees. All three suspects ran from the area. The man in the vehicle also left the area.

The suspects have not been identified at this time. Police officials say the case is being investigated.

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