Texas Tech mom makes tortilla graduation props for graduating son

Mom makes tortilla props for son's graduation from Texas Tech

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - It’s graduation weekend at Texas Tech and one mom brought an extra special accessory to go along with her son’s cap and gown...tortillas.

For Eric Kennison, who graduated from the Honors college on Friday, the road to graduation was paved with a lot of responsibilities.

"I’m in Tech Lions Club at Texas Tech. I was the service chair and Vice President of that. I’ve been President select, so I’m a tour guide for the University. [I’m on the ] Mortar Board, which is a society that recognizes the top seniors every year,” Eric said.

But sometimes it’s mom’s touch that makes graduation day special.

“Tech students throw the tortillas at football games and my mom had a great day to paint them and use it as a decoration for graduation pictures and what not.”

The tortillas became a tool to honor family tradition. His mom, Jill Kennison, painted a “checklist” on one tortilla… starting with high school, then moving onto college graduation and eventually graduate school.

Provided by Family
Provided by Family

“My mom is really good at doing crafty things like that so that's a 100 percent on her… I'm just the one who stands there and holds them.”

“I couldn’t find anything to fit the bill. So, I was like… let’s see if we can paint on them,” Jill. “Obviously we knew at that point, he had checked off his high school graduation. He set the goal to graduate in three years his biochemistry degree in honors and that’s what he’ll be doing at 2:30 this afternoon."

Eric admits he’s thrown a tortilla or two on to the Tech football field on game day.

“I’ve thrown a tortilla and I’ve also gotten in trouble for throwing tortillas so I’ve been on both sides of the fence,” he said.

But he knows he won’t be throwing this tortilla. He’ll just take a marker and check off the next box when he graduates from the Texas Tech School of Pharmacy in 2023 with a Pharm.D. degree.

“I want to work someday as your local CVS pharmacist for a few years and then use my Masters of Business to climb up the corporate ladder and be a regional supervisor, even higher up and be in charge of a larger area of pharmacies.”

Jill was excited to to take the sealed tortillas to the ceremony.

“So they’re here and we’ll be taking them with the diploma… hopefully the security guards don’t stop me,” she said. “I’m thrilled for him. It’s just been a fabulous road. He’s had an amazing experience here at Tech and he’s had a bucket list he’s checked off that we couldn’t even dream of. So... I mean.. we’re thrilled for him.”

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