Lubbock man to appear on History Channel’s “Alone” next month

Lubbock man to appear on History Channel’s “Alone” next month

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - “I's up to you build your own shelter, start your own fire, get your own food and water.”

Timothy Backus is no stranger to the outdoors. He is a hunting guide, travelling across the country to teach people the craft.

“I've been around all these wild animals, I’m not afraid of any of them. I would not want to get eaten, but what a way to go,” Backus said.

Next month, Backus makes his debut as a contestant on the reality television show Alone.

For the chance to win half a million dollars, he was dropped off, all alone, in the middle of nowhere. His task- to survive.

All he had with him was a backpack filled with 10 tools of his choosing: Bow and arrows, a sleeping bag, an ax, knife, saw, pot, shovel, paracord, ferro rod, fishing line and hooks.

Those are the items he used to perform the tasks necessary to stay alive.

“Catching fish, cooking a fish, gutting the fish, get a rabbit, clean a rabbit, cook a rabbit, making a shelter, making traps,” Backus said.

Backus did not know where he would be going, so he used his time as a construction worker to prepare as best he could. He shot close to 200 arrows a day, and set himself a goal..

“To find wood that I could use to start a fire with, so I was starting fires all over Lubbock last summer,” Backus said.

Backus is proud to represent West Texas.

“West Texas people take whatever’s thrown at them,” Backus said.

The season will air June 6th on the History Channel.

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