Texas South Plains Red Cross ready for severe weather

Red Cross prepared for strong storms

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - The Texas South Plains chapter of the American Red Cross is always on their toes, but with the high risk of severe weather across the South Plains Monday, they made sure they were ready at a moment’s notice.

The non-profit had trailers full of enough supplies to shelter up to 200 people, and were on standby to provide more if needed.

Since last July the Red Cross has helped people displaced from 78 different homes. Executive Director Deborah Finlayson said being prepared is the best thing the Red Cross and even people at home can do for themselves.

“Already, in Abilene, we’ve set up shelters and we’ve got partner agencies that helping to provide the food.”

The Red Cross relies heavily on volunteers during snow, fires, and severe weather. “In this case of tornadoes... all of our volunteers in the South Plains are on notice. We’ve told them that there’s the chance for severe weather and anything could happen. So, if something happened, our volunteers would be on the ground providing food and shelter and whatever kinds of needs we could help people with."

Finlayson admits they could always use more of is volunteers. “I’ve got volunteers who will go out in three o’clock in the morning. We would love to have a volunteer or two or three or four in every county. And the reason for that is... going back to the house fire...when there’s a house for that’s a couple of hours away from us... when going to respond to that but we can’t get there for a couple of hours.”

If you are in the region and need of assistance you can call the Texas South Plains Red Cross at (806) 765-8534.

Finlayson also encouraged people to download the Red Cross app for safety tips and information on how to respond in emergencies. >>CLICK HERE FOR MORE<<

Finlayson also said donations are crucial. You can learn more about how to donate at RedCross.org.

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