Ty Palmer takes over as Seminole Indians Head Football Coach

Ty Palmer takes over as Seminole Indians Head Football Coach

SEMINOLE, Texas (KCBD) -With the retirement of Kent Jackson after 33 years of coaching, Seminole has promoted Offensive Coordinator Ty Palmer to be Indians new head football coach. Palmer is super thankful for the opportunity.

“First off I want to thank God for the opportunity he has presented me and my family. It’s an honor to be offered the head football job here in Seminole. I want to thank the school board, Mr. Lashaway, and Coach Williams for the chance and opportunity they have given me.”

Palmer also thanks Jackson for his gridiron guidance that prepared him to take over this pigskin program that he loves.

“This would not have been possible without Coach Jackson. He has raised me and mentored me since 8th grade. He is the biggest reason I am where I am today. He has pushed me and raised me in this profession and allowed me to grow. I just hope I can carry on the legacy he started here and in some way make him proud of the job we do here.”

Behind a good man, is a great woman and Palmer wanted to give a lot of thanks to his wife.

“My wife is the most understanding woman on the planet to put up with me and allow me to chase this dream. Her and my little girl, Gracie are my why and my rock.”

If you missed what Kent Jackson will be doing in the next chapter of his life. You can watch my interview with him here:

After 33 years of coaching including stops at Coronado and Sweetwater, Seminole’s Kent Jackson has announced his retirement. Pete Christy is live.

Posted by Pete Christy KCBD on Saturday, May 18, 2019

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