Lubbock experts advise: How to prepare your car for Memorial Day weekend travel

How to prepare your car for Memorial Day weekend travel

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Many families will hit the road for a trip this Memorial Day weekend. AAA expects 43 million Americans are traveling 50 miles or more, and 37.6 million people are planning to drive. so how do you prepare your car?

We spoke with experts at Bolton’s Oil Company, LTD. and Mcwhorter’s Tire and Auto. They both agreed the number one thing to do before hitting the road is, check your tires.

Jim Riebel is Vice President of McWhorter’s. He’s been with the company for 38 years.

“To me, the most critical thing is to check the air in your tires and the air in spare. Hopefully, you don’t need the spare. There’s nothing worse than getting one out and it’s low. So, make sure air check in everything.”

Riebel said it’s best to check your tires cold: “Check them cold before you start and you’ll get a good reading or air reading on it.”

If you’re not sure on how much air to put in your tires, there is a guide on the inside of the driver’s door jam on most cars.

Steve Clemann is the assistant manager at Bolton’s on 38th and Avenue Q.

He suggests: “Have your coolant checked. Make sure you have plenty in it. Make sure you have good boil-over protection in the hot summer weather. Check all of your components. You need washer fluid. Belts need to be good shape. Another thing to keep in mind when driving is wiper blades. There are two times a year when it’s really raining around here, the end of school and beginning of school- without fail. You gotta have good wiper blades be a safe driver.”

Clemann said each car is different on how often you should get your oil changed, so consult your car owner’s manual.

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