Second graders forgo end of year party to help classmate with leukemia

2nd graders forgo party to help classmate

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - A group of second graders at Wester Elementary School made a decision to forgo their end of year party to support one of their classmates who was diagnosed with leukemia two weeks ago.

“Me and my teacher, we were sitting on the carpet, and we were discussing the money for Skate Ranch. And, then I was thinking about it, and I decided instead of donating the money to the Skate Ranch, what if we could donate our money to our friend Aiden who was very sick and is in the hospital,” Londyn, Aiden’s classmate, said.

So, the class took a vote, and not a single person voted no. All 61 students in second grade agreed to use their $5 intended for Skate Ranch to help Aiden.

A student quickly did the math: 61 times 5, that’s $305 for Aiden. But they didn’t stop there. Buckets were passed around all week, collecting money for their friend.

Ayvree, Aiden’s classmate, described him as kind and caring.

Christie Rajcic, Aiden’s teacher, said she misses having him in her classroom.

“It’s really sad sometimes, you walk by and his desk is empty,” Rajcic said.

Aiden was diagnosed on May 3. Since then, the school has rallied around him by making t-shirts and creating videos for him to watch.

Crimson Kirby, Aiden’s mother, said it has been a really humbling experience. She said she is so proud to be a part of the Wester Elementary family.

“They’re done the donation of the money, they’ve given up the party, they want to come and as a class see him at home, so that way he can lift his spirits as well,” Kirby said.

More than $500 has been raised so far. Kirby said it is a huge help.

“At this point in time, Aiden doesn’t have insurance, so these people have stepped up to help. It’s been absolutely incredible to see such a supportive community come forward whenever a family is in crisis,” Kirby said.

“That shows that this school is just filled with a bunch of young leaders and compassionate people, and I can’t wait to see what these students grow up into when they become adults,” Rajcic said.

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