Lubbock County roads washed out by flooding

Lubbock County roads washed out by flooding

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Many areas in Lubbock and surrounding South Plains counties are hoping to dry out after major flooding Friday.

KCBD met with Lubbock County’s Emergency Management Coordinator, Clinton Thetford. He showed us some damage to one roadway that was washed away by the intense waters at the intersection of N F.M. 1264 (north university) and County Road 5800. The road was washed out by flood waters in the area.

Flooding in North Lubbock County, CR 5800 and NFM 1264

At the end of the video you can see the road drops off about six to eight feet from the street.

“People don’t understand the power that water has," Thetford said. "Especially moving water, the force that it has. And to be able to do this kind of damage just in a matter of a few hours, it doesn’t take long for a road to wash out like that.”

Thetford said situations like these are why drivers should use caution when they see water on the road: “We’d caution anyone to not drive off into water. You don’t know if roadway is gone, especially if it is flowing water,” Thetford said. “Be extremely cautious. Turn around, don’t drown.”

Lubbock County officials are continuing to monitor the area for more rainfall and say if you see a barricade up, don’t drive around it, it’s there for your protection.

Officials said if water is blocking your road or street and you’re unable to get out, call the non-emergency line for your local law enforcement.

Here’s the most recent list of closed roads from Lubbock County Emergency Management:

Road Closures

Lubbock County

According to Lubbock County as of Saturday, 5-25-19, 9:45 a.m.

CR 2000: FM 2641 to CR 6300

CR 2400/ N Ashe: I-27 to CR 5800

CR 5800: FM 1264 to CR 2300

CR 5100: FM 1264 to CR 2300

CR 6000: FM 1264/University Ave east to I-27

Milwaukee Ave/CR 1700: US 84 to 6100

CR 6400: CR 1700/Milwaukee Ave to FM 2528/Frankford

Ave P/CR 2300: CR7500 to Woodrow Road

Intersection of CR 3600 and E CR 7300


Ave Q to Loop 388

FM 2641 from FM 2528 to CR 2000

You can check other county road closures at

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