National Weather Service releases damage survey from EF-2 tornado in Plainview

Plainview Damage after EF2 tornado on 052519

PLAINVIEW, Tex. (KCBD) - Sunday, the National Weather Service released their preliminary findings after several super cells that spanned across the South Plains. Their Warning Coordinator Meteorologist, Jody James, went out Sunday afternoon to survey the damage north of Plainview. Something he’s been doing for a while now. “I’ve been met for 30 years. Been doing damage here for 10-12 years. So, I’ve seen a lot of damage here over time.”

According to James, a high end EF-2 tornado touched down north of Plainview near the intersection of I-27 and Business I-27. “We saw some outbuildings and a couple of homes damaged. There was a mobile home that was being transported on a trailer that was blown off. And we also saw a cell phone tower that was completely blown over.”

Plainview Damage after EF2 tornado on 052519

He says that those winds from the tornado reached speeds of 130 miles per hour. Thankfully there were no injuries reported. But how does he come to that conclusion?

“But usually we look at several damage indicators and degrees of damage and we can usually start to paint a picture of what happened, especially when that’s coupled with radar.”

James says severe weather season will last a little bit longer. “About the middle of June, we start to fade out of our severe weather season, typically. We’ll still get a few thunder storm events with wind. The threat of tornadoes, and more of the higher end severe events peaks about this time of year- in late May.”

And James shares some tips. “Have multiple sources of information. Ways to stay in touch weather wise. Know where safe place is. Have a plan for your family. Be careful.”

NWS survey of Plainview tornado damage


This survey is preliminary, until the NWS releases its full survey as more details are gathered.

NWS Damage Survey

Tornado Near Plainview, TX

Tornado damage path length is yet to be determined, but damage path crossed Business I-27 near Fence Road in north Plainview.

Pictures attached were near that location. Damage included a tractor trailer overturned, collapse of cell tower, and damage to numerous outbuilding northwest of the intersection of Fence Road and Business I-27.

This data is preliminary and will be further adjusted if needed based on radar data and spotter and chaser reports. Survey was conducted by NWS Lubbock and the Plainview Office of Emergency Management.

See attached photos.

NWS Damage Survey Tornado Near Plainview, TX (Source: NOAA)
NWS Damage Survey Tornado Near Plainview, TX (Source: NOAA)

Rating: EF-2

Estimated Peak Wind: 110-132 MPH

Path length: yet to be determined

Path width: 50 Yards

Fatalities: 0

Injuries: 0

Start date: 05/25/2019

Approx. Start time: 5:39 PM CDT

End date: 05/25/2019

Approx. End time: 5:43 PM CDT

Another possible tornado was surveyed near Cotton Center, but only an overturned center pivot was found west of Cotton Center. Further inspection of this area may be needed after non-paved roads are more accessible due to flooding.

NWS Damage Survey Tornado Near Plainview, TX (Source: NOAA)
NWS Damage Survey Tornado Near Plainview, TX (Source: NOAA)

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