TSA collected almost $1 million in loose change in 2018

The collected money will fund improvements at checkpoints

TSA collected almost $1 million in loose change in 2018
TSA screeners collected almost $1 million in loose change and bills left behind in 2018. (Source: CNN)

(CNN) - Getting through airport security requires taking off shoes, emptying pockets, and removing metals - but that means passengers often forget something.

Spare change seems to be left behind often in bins.

The Transportation Security Administration said that adds up to a nice chunk of money for the agency.

Airport screeners collected $960,105.49 in unclaimed money last fiscal year, which includes bills and foreign money.

The agency uses it to pay for things like checkpoint maintenance, new signs and to expand the TSA Preheck system.

New York's JFK Airport collected more loose change than any other airport - about $72,392.74 - followed by Los Angeles International Airport with about $71,748.83, Miami International with $50,504.49, and Chicago O'Hare with $49 597.23. Newark International Airport rounded out the top five with $41,026.07.

Recently the Department of Homeland Security asked for some of the loose change to fund security at the border if Congress does not approve its request for $1.1 billion.

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