New Deal family thankful for community support after severe flooding at family home

New Deal home flooded, surrounded by water

NEW DEAL, Texas (KCBD) - The Burton Family of New Deal suffered damage to their home in last Friday’s severe weather. Now, the community is helping out, and Ricky and Tanya Burton, who have lived on the property since 1982, are sharing their gratitude.

New Deal family flooded out of home (Source: KCBD Photo)
New Deal family flooded out of home (Source: KCBD Photo)

"The water came up to about right here. The swing was actually floating in the water,” said Tanya Burton, pointing to the furniture on her front porch. "We knew the water was coming in, but it has never gotten this bad before"

The Burtons live in a low area, so they’re used to flooding, but they say water has never entered their house before.

“We know it rained nine inches on Friday. We know we live in a low area, so we do get a lot of the runoff, so that’s what most of this is.”

New Deal family flooded out of home (Source: KCBD Photo)
New Deal family flooded out of home (Source: KCBD Photo)

Kara McBee, Tanya’s daughter, lives next door with her two children. Their house got flooded, too.

"It’s heartbreaking, really, because my kids - everything they have over there is underwater - their bikes, their trampolines, everything,” McBee said.

The backyard was a cow pasture. Now it looks like one big lake.

New Deal family flooded out of home (Source: KCBD Photo)
New Deal family flooded out of home (Source: KCBD Photo)

“This is not what they consider flood insurance. This is what they consider rising-water insurance and no, we don’t have rising-water insurance,” said Burton.

But they’re not feeling sorry for themselves. They say the community is coming together to help out.

"People are blowing up our phones with text messages, food, and donating everything… even people we don’t know,” McBee said.

The neighborhood is getting involved, too. In fact, neighbor Sherry Proctor is throwing a benefit concert on Friday, June 7th on her property.

Kara and Tanya (Source: KCBD Photo)
Kara and Tanya (Source: KCBD Photo)

“We’re putting on a benefit for them to raise some money to help them out and put on a dance and barbeque and make it enjoyable. You’re supposed to help your neighbors,” Proctor said.

So, until then, a family member established a GoFundMe page, and they’ll wait for the water to absorb into the ground after pumping some of it out.

“Clinton Thetford (The Lubbock County Emergency Management Coordinator) has been out and he’s over at the disaster area and he’s came out and taken pictures. He’s just kind of just surveying the area, but there has to be so many per square mile or however they do their little formula in order to get disaster, but they said that would take a very, very, very long time and there has to be a lot of us.”

To check out the GoFundMe page, click here.

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