Lubbock Vector Control tackling the beginning of mosquito season

Tackling the beginning of mosquito season

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Mosquito season is here and Lubbock's Vector Control has already combating the insects that bite starting with traps and sprays.

Steve Boston with Vector Control says the traps attract the mosquitoes at night and all of the mosquito are collected every week.

"There are insects already starting to fly in this from early this morning when he collected it. We have one trap in all of our outlying areas in our cities and then in certain municipality areas in outlying areas and then across the city, we are placing traps at our fire stations and other locations where we have historically had traps," he said pointing to the trap on the property of Fire Station 16.

These traps allow the city to keep a tab on where they're populating and if they carry any viruses.

"There's a fan in here that sucks them down. There's a funnel in here that brings them down and then this collection jar- like I said- is actually attached like this," he explained.

Boston said there are more than 27 different kinds of mosquitoes in Lubbock County and that trapping them and analyzing them can give them more information.

"The City of Lubbock and Lubbock county has a mosquito abatement program for mosquito control. The reason is twofold: one to monitor for arbor virus vectors for like West Nile Virus along with to address and identify problematic areas with nuisance mosquitoes. So, yes, for the quality of life we are trying to maintain and help keep the mosquito population in check. That's the reason why we utilize different types of traps for monitoring and doing surveillance of the population."

Boston said that the weather doesn't help much either. He says that our soil right now doesn't absorb water as quickly, so the mosquito season just keeps progressing. But he suggests these tips to help alleviate the predicament of them around you.

"Water that stands on tarps over boats or water that stands in flower pots that that water gets dumped or in bird baths...change out that water every five to seven days."

Boston encourages people to call the hotline if they have a problem. The number is (806) 775-3110.

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