LCU baseball player still recovering after May hit-and-run

LCU baseball player still recovering from hit and run accident

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - A Lubbock Christian University baseball player is recovering in a Lubbock rehab center where he is relearning how to walk after he was involved in a hit and run accident.

On May 3, police responded to a two vehicle crash at 19th street and Slide Road. there they found 21-year-old Aaron Weseman, a left handed pitcher for the LPC Chaps, with serious injuries. The other driver was nowhere to be found at the time.

Police believe 38-year-old Phillip Rios was that other driver. He was arrested last week and charged with failure to stop and render aid. As for Weseman, he says he is happy police have a suspect, but he still has a long road of recovery ahead.

“All I remember is I saw his headlight because I was knocked unconscious as soon as the impact happened. My first waking thought, like memory, was in the back of the ambulance already,” said Weseman.

Weseman’s car was completely wrecked as a result of the accident, but the car was the least of his concern. While he was in the ambulance.. Weseman says he realized he couldn’t move the lower half of his body. “When I first realized that I was paralyzed, I was in the ambulance. I couldn’t feel anything below my waist, at all."

Weseman had spinal shock. Spinal shock means he had a swelling in his spine along with internal damage and some bleeding. As a result of his injuries, he says he was in the ICU for about a week. While there, he learned of the details of his wreck including how the suspect fled the scene. “I was shocked. How could somebody do that?”

After ICU, Weseman was moved to Trustpoint Rehabilitation Center where the thought haunted him, ‘when will they catch the guy?’ “It’s tough, and to think back and realize that this dude did it and he’s the one that ran away was just it’s not a good feeling at all,” said Weseman.

Recently, police arrested Phillip Rios in connection to Weseman’s case. Something that Weseman says is a sigh of relief. “It was an answer we didn’t have. Finally we got that answer and got him off the streets."

Weseman says the support from his family, friends, and fellow teammates has been amazing. On an even brighter note, one month after his accident, Weseman says he’s making incredible progress including relearning how to walk. “I am looking forward to just walking again, having the function back, and getting to the point where I can support myself.”

Weseman will be in rehab for a couple more weeks.

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