Use it, wear it, drink it

Warmer, then hotter. It’s on the way. However, so is the next cold front.

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Warmer, then hotter. It’s on the way. However, so is the next cold front. It’s not unheard of for cold fronts to make it this far south in June, but it is a bit unusual. Then another front may arrive next week. First, though, the warmer and then hotter weather and the use it, wear it, drink it.

Warmer this afternoon with a light wind under a mostly sunny sky. A stray storm or two may drift into the far northwestern viewing area this evening or even overnight, but the chance of rain at any spot even there is slim. Highs today will range from the mid-80s to the low 90s, with Lubbock topping out in the upper 80s. Sunscreen (use it), hat (wear it), and water (drink plenty of it) weather is here. At least for a while.

Hot tomorrow afternoon with a bit of a breeze and a partly cloudy sky. A few isolated storms may pop up during the late afternoon and early evening. Due to the isolated nature, your chance of rain will be slim. Highs Saturday will hit the 90s with Lubbock maxing out in the mid-90s. As I've mentioned previously, I expect tomorrow to be our hottest day of the year so far. That distinction currently belongs to May 17 with a high of 93°.

Early this month I noted that last month was the 21st coolest May in Lubbock's record. There are 108 Mays in that record. The average temperature (average of each day's average low and high) was 2.0 degrees below the long-term average. June so far is running 2.2 degrees below its long-term average. The hottest day this month so far was the 1st with a high of 90° - only the seventh 90-Degree-Day this year so far. Now that's unusual.

The first of the two cold fronts already mentioned will arrive Sunday. Data this morning points to early in the day, so the temperature likely will peak around early afternoon and may fall a bit during the late afternoon. Sunday will be on the windy side, become mostly cloudy, and there will be a slight chance of storms late in the day.

Cloudy, chilly, and damp sums up my forecast for Monday. My forecast high falls below the min-max record - that is, the coolest high temperature on that date in Lubbock's record - of 73° in 1955. The second cold front is expected Wednesday. That one, however, currently appears much weaker than the first. The details are in our Extended Forecast. Stay tuned.

Lubbock’s low yesterday was 57°, five degrees below the average low for the date. The high was 83°, which is six degrees below the average for the date. The June 6 record low is 45° (1917) and the record high 107° (1990). For today, June 7, Lubbock’s average low is 62° and the high 89°. The record low is 45° (1915) and the record high 103° (1994).

No rainfall was recorded at the Lubbock airport yesterday or last night. The total for June so far is 1.22". The average month-to-date is 0.67". The total for 2019 so far is 8.10". The average year-to-date is 6.88".

Rainfall in and near the KCBD viewing area for the 24 hours ending at 9:00 AM CDT Friday, courtesy of the TTU West Texas Mesonet (reported in inches measured):

0.10 Memphis 1NE

0.08 Vigo Park

0.04 Childress 2NNE

0.01 Ralls 1SE

0.01 Amherst 1NE

0.01 Muleshoe 2SSW

0.01 Happy 1E

0.01 Dimmitt 2NE

0.01 Tulia 2ENE

0.01 Dora NM 2SW

0.01 Gail 2ESE

0.01 Brownfield 2S

0.01 White River Lake 6NW

0.01 Morton 1ENE

0.01 Hart 3N

0.01 Floydada 2NNE

0.01 Plainview 1S

0.01 Spur 1W

0.01 Tahoka 3NNE

The characters following each community above refer to the rain gauge location in miles and the direction from the community’s center - typically the Courthouse or City Hall, sometimes the downtown or business district. “Plainview 1S” is the rain gauge one mile south of the center of Plainview. Rainfall in Plainview may have been less or greater.

Today’s sunset in Lubbock will be at 8:55 PM CDT and tomorrow’s sunrise at 6:37 AM CDT.

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