Despite rumors, Mae Simmons Pool is not being shut down

Despite rumors, Mae Simmons Pool not closing

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - A petition is circulating the internet asking people to sign in support of stopping the City of Lubbock from closing Mae Simmons Pool.

Gordon Harris, a community activist, signed the petition because he heard from a parent that staff were telling children that Mae Simmons Pool would be shut down before next year. “You get a community is in a whole uproar pertaining to taking something from our community," said Harris.

Shelia Patterson Harris, who represents district two, said there is nothing to worry about. “Our pools are open, and I don’t want to send anybody into hysteria thinking that they’re going to show up next week and the pools are going to be closed.”

Jennifer Walker, the Aquatics and Special Programs Coordinator for the City of Lubbock said, the only reason a pool would close is if there was a severe malfunction in the equipment. “I’m not sure where this information came from, but our pools are up and running and they’re good to go.”

Decisions regarding the municipal pools come from city council during their budgetary process, and Councilwoman Harris said decisions are made one fiscal year at a time.

“We’re not in that process yet, we’re still in the current fiscal year and the decision was that the pools would be open and they are,” said Councilwoman Harris.

“There’s been no talk about closing any pool for the city,” said Walker.

There are four city pools in Lubbock that are open Tuesday through Sunday from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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