Unique hotel coming to Lubbock pays homage to cotton and music

Unique hotel coming to Lubbock pays homage to cotton and music

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - If you've driven on Broadway and Avenue Q, you might have noticed construction on the north east corner of the intersection, right next to the Wells Fargo Tower. It’s a hotel with a unique design.

By early 2020, there will be a new hotel in downtown Lubbock.

The Valencia Hotel Group is adding a two story hotel. They needed a big area to build. The new hotel will have 169 rooms and 3,500 square feet of meeting and event space and more.

Amy Trench is the Corporate Director Brand Marketing and PR for The Valencia Hotel Group. She said, there will be a “two and three story building surrounding an interior courtyard. They’ll have a swimming pool, fire pits throughout, still great courtyard area. It’ll even have an indoor outdoor climate controlled tent for events.”

It is called the Cotton Court Hotel, paying homage to the agricultural region. "Guests will see our design elements of cotton warehouses, even loading docks, cotton Gins and seeing those elements that are going to form a framework for the story behind the hotel" said Trench.

The group even did research for the design by going on tours of loading docks and cotton gins. They’re also honoring Lubbock’s music roots. “There’s going to be a wall of guitars and will definitely be both a mix of cotton industry with all of the not to the agricultural region but also it’ll pay a nice homage to the live music that’s so well known." said Trench.

They want to be a part of the revitalization of downtown Lubbock and have been waiting for an opportunity to build here for a while. Trench said, “Quite honestly, we’ve had our eyes on love it for about 10 years, we try to pick an area that’s a university town, strong medical presence and of course, Texas, we have a strong court presence of hotels in Texas, and so very fortunate to get this lot of land.” Not only does the group want to cater to the needs of guests, but also to the local community.

“Although this property is a new build, it will be authentic to the region and it’ll be rooted in Lubbock and really feel like it’s been here for a long time” said Trench.

You can get more information about the hotel on their website, click here.

You can also find an interactive tour of the hotel, click here.

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