Former Idalou officer indicted for aggravated assault by public servant

Former Idalou officer indicted for aggravated assault by public servant
25-year-old Miguel Angel Guerrero

UPDATE: Miguel Guerrero Jr., was indicted by a Lubbock County Grand Jury on Tuesday, July 9. Guerrero, 25, was indicted for aggravated assault by a public servant for the August 2018 incident outside his home.


IDALOU, Texas (KCBD) - A former Idalou police officer is accused of threatening to shoot a man in the face and pulling his hair during an August encounter outside of the officer’s residence.

Twenty-five-year-old Miguel Angel Guerrero was charged and arrested for two counts of aggravated assault by a public servant. He was booked and released from the Lubbock County Detention Center on Wednesday June 12.

The charges stem from an August incident in which two men were arrested outside of Guerrero’s house. But the actions during the arrest are what prompted an investigation and later led to the charges being filed.

According to an arrest warrant, on Aug. 25 the two were outside of Guerrero’s house in their car.

Texas Rangers believe a woman had a relationship with both Guerrero and one of the two men who showed up at Guerrero’s house. That is what prompted the two men to show up.

Guerrero ordered both men to get out of the vehicle and made them lay on the ground with their hands behind their backs, according to the report.

However, Guerrero told police he had a text message conversation with the women before she got to the house. When she arrived, she opened the door and ran past Guerrero.

That is when, Guerrero said, he saw the two men running at him and pulled out his IPD-issued gun and ordered them to get on the ground. This detail was disputed by a Texas Rangers report, which was included in the arrest warrant.

Guerrero then made a phone call to another Idalou police officer and his chief, David Wilson, while the two men were detained.

After he made the calls he knelt next to one of the men, grabbed his hair, pointed a gun towards his face, then threatened to put the gun in his mouth and pull the trigger to “blow” his head off, according to the report.

Before the men arrived at Guerrero’s home one began recording the encounter on his cell phone, which picked up mostly audio from the encounter and very little footage of the incident. Guerrero was on record threatening to shoot them in the face.

Audio also indicates Guerrero noticed the two were recording on a phone. According to the search warrant Guerrero picked up the phone and whispered, “lets get rid of …,” then the recording stopped.

Both the police chief, Wilson, and another officer were at the scene when Guerrero discovered the phone. Wilson said he did not know there was a phone in the vehicle, according to the arrest warrant.

Guerrero is also said to have wanted the phone destroyed, but that did not happen.

The other officer on scene was interviewed by the Texas Rangers, according to the warrant. That officer said Guerrero’s behavior during the incident was typical.

According to the warrant, the officer said Guerrero gets “real aggressive with individuals on traffic stops and when making arrests.”

Wilson said Guerrero is no longer employed with the department and they are continuing to monitor this situation.

“We take these allegations very seriously and we will continue to cooperate with law enforcement,” Wilson said in an official statement.

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