Hottest yet, hotter still

Hottest yet, hotter still
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Now that this evening’s isolated storms have died down, here are a few notes about today’s heat. It was the hottest of the year so far, with the Lubbock Airport at 95° and at least two TTU Mesonet stations - not the ones you would expect - hitting 100°. Those two are included on the map of today’s highs I earlier posted on my Steve Divine KCBD Facebook page. Tomorrow will be hotter.

Today’s high of 95° topped the previous max for the year of 93° recorded on May 17. It was only the third time this month the temperature has been above the average for the date, and only the ninth 90-Degree-Day of the year for Lubbock (measured at the airport). As of the end of the day Thursday the average temperature for the month so far (an average of each day’s averaged low and high temperature) was 3.4° below the norm. That is a large variance. Friday and Saturday should help reduce the deficit.

Most of our area will be hotter tomorrow, with highs in the mid- to upper 90s common and some triple-digit highs possible. Highs for most will be a little below average Sunday and Monday, near average Wednesday and likely above the rest of the week. The one area which may be a little cooler is the northern viewing area.

Saturday storm chances will be limited to the eastern and northern viewing area, generally near and east of the Caprock and in the southern Panhandle region.

Sunday a morning cold front will drop afternoon temperatures five to ten degrees from Saturday, and bring a slight chance of afternoon and evening storms to our area. A chance for occasional storms will continue Monday and Tuesday.

There’s much more on the heat and storm potential in our forecast, which includes Fathers’ Day, here on our Weather Page and in our free KCBD First Alert Weather App - download it for free for iOS at or for Android at

This year so far:

Number of 100-Degree-Days...... 0

Number of 90-Degree-Days....... 9

Hottest temperature........... 95° on June 14

Hottest this June so far...... 95° on June 14

A 90-Degree-Day is any day the temperature reaches at least 90 degrees (in practice, due to rounding, 89.5°). A 100-Degree-Day is any day the temperature reaches at least 100 degrees (in practice, due to rounding, 99.5°).

Lubbock’s low this morning was 66°, two degrees above the average low for the date. The high for the day was 95°, which is four degrees above the average for the date. The June 14 record low is 44° (1947) and the record high 106° (1939). For tomorrow, June 15, the average low is 64° and the high 91°. The records are 49° (1927) and 109° (1939).

Rainfall in and near the KCBD viewing area for the 24 hours ending at 10:45 PM CDT Friday, courtesy of the TTU West Texas Mesonet (reported in inches measured):

0.98 Memphis 1NE

0.40 Childress 2NNE

0.32 Amherst 1NE

0.28 Floydada 2NNE

0.25 Roaring Springs 3N

0.20 Estelline 3SSE

0.19 Olton 6S

0.18 Vigo Park

0.03 Earth 9WSW

0.03 Aiken 3WSW

0.02 Turkey 2WSW

0.02 Caprock Canyons State Park

The characters following each community above refer to the rain gauge location in miles and the direction from the community's center - typically the Courthouse or City Hall, sometimes the downtown or business district. "Roaring Springs 3N" is the rain gauge one mile south of the center of Roaring Springs. Rainfall in Roaring Springs may have been less or greater.

Sunrise Saturday is at 6:36 AM CDT and sunset at 8:59 PM CDT. The Summer Solstice will occur at 10:54 AM CDT Friday, June 21.

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