$2,000 worth of car unlocking tools burglarized from local key shop

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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - The owner of George’s Lock and Key Shop, George Delacruz, says about $2,000 worth of unlocking tools were stolen right out of his business’s truck. Now he says he is afraid what the burglars might use those tools for.

George Delacruz
George Delacruz

Delacruz has owned his shop on 50th street for 30 years. He says he has been broken into a few times, but never to this extent. “[The burglar] busted the driver’s side window, and that’s how they went in. They took all the unlock tools, long rods, airbags, just everything that we use here.”

He says he believes this happened over the weekend since his employees found the truck in shambles Monday morning. “We came to start checking to see what they took. They took all the tools pegs, rods, airbags, and they tried to take the generator out, but they couldn’t because it’s tied down.” Those tools that were stolen are used by employees to unlock cars and homes. Now Delacruz is nervous for what those burglars might do. “Well my concern is whoever took that stuff probably breaking into cars or something.”

Delacruz is urging anyone with any information to hand it over to police.

Lubbock Police gave KCBD these tips to avoid getting your car burglarized:

“Criminals are opportunists. They search for easy targets that can be hit quickly, and if a thief really wants to break into your vehicle they will find a way, whether it’s using technology or just simply smashing your windows. This is why it is so important for drivers to take a few extra steps to make their vehicles less appealing to thieves.

Make sure you’re keeping your vehicle doors locked. This will not prevent all vehicle burglaries; however there are many vehicles that are targeted or rummaged through simply because the doors were left unlocked. We have seen surveillance videos where thieves will walk from vehicle to vehicle and check the handles until they find a vehicle that is unlocked.

Avoid leaving anything of value inside the vehicle. This could make your vehicle a target. If you absolutely have to leave something in your vehicle, hide it out of sight.

If the option is available, park in a secure garage overnight. If a garage is not an option, try to park in a well-lit area. Having security cameras pointed in that direction is also a plus.

Do not leave spare keys inside vehicles. This could turn a burglary into an auto theft. “

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