Teachers learn interactive ways to give lessons to students in teaching seminar

Elementary school teachers found out games are a great way for kids to grasp concepts

Teachers learn interactive ways to give lessons to students in teaching seminar

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Elementary school teachers took time during their summer vacation to learn extra skills to get kids more involved in the classroom during a seminar in Lubbock at the Science Spectrum.

Carole Harbison, a product developer and teacher trainer with Lone Star Learning, put on the “Learning in Disguise” event meant to help teachers give their students lessons with games.

"Kids don't come home and talk about a great worksheet they did, but they do come home and talk about a great game they played,” said Harbison. "We have some of our vocabulary cards and the kids put on the glasses and there's a magnet on here. The player has the card on their head the players try to give them a clue of what's on their head, so all of the kids are engaged. With the disguise, the kids are braver and more likely to speak out and give some answers,” she said, holding one of the games.

Teachers from as far as Fort Worth and Midland came to Lubbock to see how they could switch things up in their classroom.

"[The teachers] are talking about ways that kids can respond in other ways besides pencil and paper…"

Many of the teachers that went today found the day a success.

“We’re having so much fun. We interact with each other to make stuff... have stuff to take home… all of these different ideas to adapt them to work into your own classroom," said Laura Curry, a fourth grade teacher from Midland Christian School in Midland.

For Carole, she added that real-life interaction is really effective and that was the point of today.

“When laughter is included and we emotionally make a connection with learning, that kids remember things better and you don’t necessarily get that with a device.”

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