Slaton Bakery to be closed another 2 weeks after devastating fire

Slaton Bakery closed for another 2 weeks
Repairs inside the Slaton Bakery continue after smoke damage from a fire in buildings nearby damaged the building.
Repairs inside the Slaton Bakery continue after smoke damage from a fire in buildings nearby damaged the building. (Source: Melanie Camacho)

SLATON, Texas (KCBD) - After a fire destroyed Klemke’s Sausage Haus and Slaton Family Medical Clinic six days ago, the effects are still being felt by the community and nearby businesses, especially the Slaton Bakery.

Chad Wilson said they will be closed for at least another two weeks and they hope to reopen the week of July 8.

The fire is still smoking and smoke is still coming into the bakery as of Friday. Wilson added they had to throw away nearly all of their ingredients and packaging due to the smoke. Their ceiling will have to be replaced because it absorbed the smoke and their alley is still blocked. They also do not have gas in the building because the meters were damaged.

Wilson said they hate that this is such an inconvenience for their customers, especially for the Fourth of July holiday.

“We want to make sure that anything our customers get in the future is going to be safe," he said. “It’s tradition for the Fourth of July to come and get cookies and bakery stuff. I hate to miss out on all of those people, [but I] also hate to affect their holidays.”

The fire, which happened in the early morning hours of Saturday, June 15, was a devastating loss for Klemke’s Sausage Haus and the Slaton Family Medical Clinic. Both businesses were destroyed and there is nothing but a shell of what was there. Both businesses have been a staple of the community for more than 30 years.

But the Slaton community is rallying to support all three businesses.

The Ministerial Alliance will be hosting a service Sunday, June 23 at 9:30 a.m. at the square. There will be an offering to benefit Rod Klemke’s and the Slaton Family Medical Clinic. There will also be music and Mayor Pro-Tem Lynn Nowlin will be speaking.

A street dance and fireworks show will be held in Slaton Town Square on July 6. There will be a silent auction, a live auction and a raffle. Donations are welcome. There will be music from Trouble No More, Jordan Kirk, Jonathan Michael Jones, Ben Massey and the Joe Trevenio band. Pitforks and Smoke Rings will be cooking and donating a percentage of the proceeds to rebuild and restore Klemke’s. If you have any questions or need more information, call Jason Corley at 806-577-9778.

Slaton Family Medical Clinic has an office in the SEDCO building, located at 4119, 101 N 9th St., Slaton. Patients will need to enter through the left hand side of the building.

The owners of Slaton Bakery have started a GoFundMe for the owners of Klemke’s. You can find a link to make a donation here.

A GoFundMe has also been set up for Dr. Al Bendeck and the staff of Slaton Family Medical Clinic. You can make a donation by following the link here.

The State Fire Marshal completed the investigation, but have not released the cause of the fire yet. As of now, there are no details on how the fire started.

Officials with the Slaton Police Department say there have been people going to the burned structure. Criminal trespass signs and barricades have been put in place around the fire damaged area. Police would like to remind everyone that anyone found trespassing into the restricted area will be prosecuted.

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