“Camp No-Lo-Hi” making kids feel less alone in Lubbock

Diabetes Camp No-Lo-Hi in Lubbock this week

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - The American Diabetes Association is hosting a camp for kids in Lubbock for the third year in a row.

Camp No-Hi-Lo is for kids ages 5-17 with Type 1 Diabetes.

It’s like any other camp, with kids screaming and laughing in bouncy houses and on water slides, but with special attention to the highs and lows that come with having diabetes.

Twelve-year-old Denton More has had diabetes since he was five and loves camp. “I’m the only kid in Tahoka so now I know what it’s like to be around other diabetic kids and like Nick has given me tips on what to do.”

The counselors are extra special. They are all nurses with Covenant Health, taking their time to volunteer to make sure this kids are safe and have fun.

“It’s just a good day or week that kids can come and be around other kids with diabetes and realize that it’s okay to have diabetes,” said Britney Ayola, one of the medical staff. Ayola is a charge nurse at Covenant Children’s ICU and head of their diabetes education program.

“We are here as medical staff to make sure these kids number 1 to have fun, because like Britney said, there’s not a lot of days that they get to forget that they have diabetes. They don’t totally forget they have diabetes. That’s why we are here. We keep up with their CGM readers… their cell phones… a lot of their CGMs can be monitored from their cell phones,” said Amanda Smith a pediatric nurse at Covenant Womens and Childrens, and head of the Diabetic Education Program on the Pediatric floor.

“They watch our blood if we need it… like if we feel low we can tell them and they help us,” said More.

Madelyn Saldana knows she can run at this camp, she can run around with her omnipod just like the other kids. “You put it on every two or three days. You get to do more stuff with it than a wired pump. It gives you your insulin and you can check you sugar on the monitor it comes with,” said Saldana.

And for her, this camp makes her feel special. “Yeah, I do because a lot of stuff isn’t for diabetes or for diabetics, so I’m really happy they do this for us.”

And it’s a camp like that will probably have her coming around for a fourth year.

For more information on Camp No-Lo-Hi, visit the camps section of Diabetes.org.

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