Severe again likely today

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Much quieter weather as this day began compared to how late yesterday ended, with its torrential downpours and very large hail. However, thunderstorms are likely in our area this afternoon and evening, and some are likely to be severe.

The storm coverage again will be spotty, so the chance of a storm, rain, or severe weather at any given location will be about 25%. The main threat again will be large hail. Otherwise this afternoon will be partly cloudy and breezy - but much stronger, possibly damaging, wind gusts are possible near storms.

In a change from yesterday storms today may begin to develop over the western viewing area, west of the I27 - Hwy87 corridor, and they may develop a little earlier, perhaps by mid-afternoon. The activity will quickly become strong with some embedded severe storms and then gradually move east. The far western KCBD viewing area may go without storms while the remainder will be at a slight risk of storms and severe weather. Activity is expected to die down by midnight or soon after.

A slight chance of storms will return Wednesday afternoon and continue through Wednesday evening, with any storms most likely over the northwestern viewing area late - likely late evening into the early morning hours. Storm activity will diminish even more late-week, but it is possible storms that form over northern New Mexico and southern Colorado may drift into our area during the evenings and overnights. In that pattern, the northwestern KCBD viewing area is more likely than other areas to experience a storm.

High temperatures will continue in the 90s and lows in the 60s this week, with the hottest days Saturday and Sunday. This weekend is the end of June and the end of the first half of the year. Monday begins July and the second half of the year. As of this morning our Extended, 10-Day, Forecast runs through July 4th, so you can see if the weather is likely to cooperate or not with any plans you may have.

The storm which was, more or less, parked over Lubbock for close to 90 minutes produced some torrential rainfall, flooding, and some very large hail. Below you'll find initial rain reports. I'll later add any additional reports and some of the larger-hail reports.

While the Lubbock airport measured 0.20 inch of rain, the National Weather Service office on the South Loop at the Science Spectrum measured nearly ten times that, 1.98". The airport is, however, the city's site of weather record so it's the 2/10 inch that is added to the official total. The total for June so far is 1.97", which is 0.54" below the month-to-date average of 2.51". The total for 2019 so far is 8.85", which is 0.13" above the average year-to-date of 8.72". Last year at this time the total was 3.64".

Rainfall in and near the KCBD viewing area (for the 24 hours ending at 8:30 AM CDT Tuesday), courtesy of the TTU West Texas Mesonet (reported in inches measured):

0.75 Lubbock 3WNW TTU

0.54 Tahoka 3NNE

0.43 Gail 2ESE

0.32 Slaton 2NE

0.31 Post 1NE

0.27 Graham 5SSW

0.27 Lake Alan Henry 1NW

0.10 Floydada 2NNE

0.07 Snyder 3E

0.02 Welch

0.02 Fluvanna 3WNW

0.01 O'Donnell 1N

The characters following each community above refer to the rain gauge location in miles and the direction from the community's center - typically the Courthouse or City Hall, sometimes the downtown or business district. "Post 1NE" is the station one-mile northeast of the center of Post. Rainfall in Post may have been less or greater.

Estimating Hail Size (diameter in inches and description)

1/4 Pea Size

1/2 Mothball, peanut, USB Plug

3/4 Penny Size

7/8 Nickel Size

1 Quarter Size

1 1/4 Half Dollar Size

1 1/2 Ping Pong Ball Size

1 3/4 Golf Ball Size

2 Lime or medium sized Hen Egg

2 1/2 Tennis Ball Size

2 3/4 Baseball Size

3 Large Apple

4 Softball

4 1/2 Grapefruit

> 4 1/2 May be a record sized hailstone. Freeze it and notify the NWS. (Source: NWS Boise)

Like yesterday, Lubbock this morning had a low of 63°, three degrees below the average low for the date. The high was 89°, also three degrees below the average high for the date. The June 24 record low is 56° (1957) and the record high 110° (1990). For today, June 25, Lubbock’s average low is 66° and the high 92°. The record low is 54° (1940) and the record high 110° (2011).

Today’s sunset in Lubbock will be at 9:01 PM CDT and tomorrow’s sunrise at 6:39 AM CDT.

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