Terry County Sheriff will pass reins to Chief Deputy on Tuesday

Terry County Sheriff will pass reigns to Chief Deputy on Tuesday

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - The Terry County Sheriff’s Office will have a change of leadership on Tuesday.

Larry Gilbreath, Sheriff for the past ten years, is retiring and is handing the reins to Chief Deputy Timothy Click to carry out the rest of his term.

“It’s been a good ten years. I have enjoyed it, but I’m ready to go and do something else,” Gilbreath said.

Tuesday will be Larry Gilbreath’s last day as Terry County Sheriff. His career began 50 years ago as a highway patrolman in Haskell.

“The Lord, along the way, blessed me with what I believe to be the two most sought after jobs in law enforcement in Texas, as a Texas Ranger and as a county Sheriff.” Gilbreath said.

Gilbreath said he has most enjoyed the opportunity to help people. “People that pray on the helpless, it always feels good to be able to help those folks, and take a few of those folks that would pray on them off of the street,” Gilbreath said.

Chief Deputy Timothy Click will serve for the remaining year and a half of Gilbreath’s term. “The Sheriff’s got me trained up and ready to try and fill his shoes,” Click said.

Click said he will continue to run things the way Gilbreath did, but he has a few ideas of his own. “Technology’s changed a lot, so maybe looking at moving to some more technological advances around here,” Click said.

Click grew up in Brownfield. He has worked at the Sheriff’s Office for the last 11 years, and said he looks forward to doing so for the next 11.. at least.

“I was fortunate enough to come and serve the people that I grew up with, been around my whole life. I know them, know the area,” Click said.

Click said Gilbreath taught him pretty much everything he knows, including how to treat people. “You treat everybody exactly the way you want to be treated, no matter what they’ve done, what they might have done, what you think they’ve done or anything.”

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