Lubbock business owner offers to remodel stranger’s home

Man offers to fix stranger's home

UPDATE: Jasmine Brown will be at Lonestar Grill at 6501 FM835 Friday night at 5:30 p.m. holding a bake sale with the proceeds going to Earl.

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - A Lubbock business owner was driving when he stumbled across a man with a cane walking down Avenue A. Terry Rasco volunteered to drive Earl Williams to his home when he saw him struggling to walk after his recent stroke. When they approached Earl’s home, Terry saw that the place was almost unlivable and he decided to do something about that.

Terry Rasco and Earl Williams
Terry Rasco and Earl Williams
Earl Williams' home
Earl Williams' home

“The moment I pulled up and looked at his house, I just knew this was a brother that needed help and started asking him a few questions. I found out the troubles that he had here at his house were much, much worse and God told me to act so I did,” Terry Rasco said.

Earl has lived in Lubbock his whole life, in this home for just over nine years. The house shows a lot of damage, from a torn up exterior, broken roof, to problems inside with plumbing. Rasco said he wanted to help fix it all.

“It made me feel good when he said he was going to help me,” homeowner Earl Williams said.

Rasco says this will be a big job. “From the outside, we got a lot of exterior that needs to be covered, needs to be filled in. There is lots of insulation that could be added, even the house inside is in pretty bad shape.”

He says this job could take up to a year, but with help it could take only three months. Rasco has had people offer to help, but he needs more donations and volunteers to make this home great for his new friend.

If you would like to donate or volunteer your help, give Rasco a call at his business, B&R Auto Parts and ask for him. The number is 806- 762-0319.

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