Lubbock Titan ! King signs to play College Basketball

Exclamation (!) Mark King signs to play college basketball

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) -Before you go down to the comments and tell us we have a typo in the headline, Lubbock Titan ! King did sign this afternoon to play college basketball at Division III University of Dallas. Yes his name is Exclamation Mark or !. (Yes we have to put a period after the exclamation mark to end the sentence.)

“My dad thought it would be a cool name. It fits me and no one ever forgets it. I go by X and tend to forget I have a weird name. It’s special.”

The only person I can think of who used a symbol for his name was the late Prince, but Exclamation Mark says he uses !.

“I go by the symbol. For legal documents, I have to spell it out a lot, but it’s the symbol.”

! King is the 15th Lubbock Titans athlete since 2001 to sign to play college athletics and if you’re wondering, he signed his letter of intent: !King.

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