Girl with ‘mermaid syndrome’ to undergo surgery to separate legs

Girl with ‘mermaid syndrome’ to undergo surgery to separate legs

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - More than one year ago a Lubbock couple was told that their baby wouldn’t survive the pregnancy due to a rare condition it developed. That baby has beaten the odds, but still has a long road ahead of her.

Blaire Spivey is just one year old. Her parents say she is a sweet and sassy little girl who can put a smile on anyone’s face. Just by looking at Blaire, most don’t know that she has been a huge fighter since day one.

Blaire was born with Sirenomelia, also known as mermaid syndrome, which means her legs are fused together to her heels, but that’s not the only issue.

“We found out about her Sirenomelia at 12 weeks, at our first sonogram actually, and and they said it’s a fatal condition. Babies don’t survive it,” said Noelle Spivey, Blaire’s mother.

Blaire Spivey
Blaire Spivey (Source: Spivey family)

“Upper half is perfectly normal. Her lower half, she does have a horseshoe kidney. Also, all of her muscles, bones, everything is backwards,” said Noelle.

Her parents say doctors have said mermaid syndrome is such a rare condition that many babies with it don’t live so there is no real set of symptoms to go off. Blaire on the other hand, is a special case.

They say there’s little challenges they face with Blaire like diapers, but they think the real challenges have yet to come. In just a week, Blaire will be undergoing surgery in Houston to separate her legs.

“On July 9, her surgery is scheduled for separation, and because of her lower leg being backwards, they’re going to amputate at the knee to increase her chances of possibly walking with prosthetics in the future,” said Noelle.

A big step that this family will take together, and they hope Blaire’s story will be a beacon of hope for other families.

“You know, the doctors told us that there was no hope and she would not survive, but there is hope. You never know. I mean, that's in God's hands and I would not be able to picture my life now without her in it,” said Zane Spivey, Blaire’s father.

Blaire’s parents have set up a GOFUNDME to pay for expenses. To donate click here.

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