City Council discusses ways to pay for $6.7 million parking garage for Citizens Tower

City adds parking garage to Citizens Tower plan

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - City Council member Steve Massengale has confirmed that the doors to Citizens Tower will be open and ready to move in on Nov. 1, but there’s still another concern. Council members are still working out the issue of parking.

Massengale says the city paid $37,000 for a parking study to determine exactly how many parking spots Citizens Tower would need. That study said 578 spaces would be the golden number. In order to hit that target number, the city had previously determined they would need to build a parking garage, but instead of the two-story garage that was planned, they’ve decided they will need a three-story one.

“It will require a three-story parking structure built on the western portion of the lot where the old parking garage was,” Massengale said.

The new lot will be where many of those working and visiting Citizens Tower will park. It will be located across the street on 14th Street and Avenue K. The three-story parking garage will cost a total of $6.7 million, much more than the anticipated $700,000 the city expected to pay for parking.

Massengale says they have a plan to pull extra money from different areas in order to meet that large price tag for the garage, including funds left over from the tower budget, money made from selling city hall, the original $700,000 set aside for parking, and money not being used for the police substations thanks to land donations.

With all that added up, Massengale says the money is there to pay for the parking garage, but the expected completion date is still up in the air. “All of this might be a little ambitious," he said, “but we can be parking in a structure if we get started by the end of 2020.”

That date will be over a year after people start working in Citizens Tower. City officials say they have other parking lots all throughout downtown that will be utilized in the meantime, and they have the option of using Citibus to bus people from wherever they have to park to get to the tower.

City Council members say they will have a designated citizen’s parking area for those visiting the tower while the garage is being built. They say the garage will be free to the public once it’s completed.

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